Loss Adjustment

This is a complete supervision and management of the claim includes collecting of documents subject to the transportation and cause of the damage and the claim, determining the cause of the damage, on-site damage inspection, determining the nature and amount of the damage, salvage researching, determining the recourse and reporting.

Cargo damage survey

It includes on-site damage survey, salvage researching and reporting

Pre-shipment cargo condition surveys

It is the compliance survey service of loads and vehicles (container, vessel or truck) before loading. It includes determining whether there are problems and risks that may cause damage or deterioration of the cargo during transportation, and also whether there are residues from previous loads on the truck, vessel or container.

Pre-discharging cargo condition surveys

It includes the determination of whether the load is damaged during transport or during unloading.

Lashing Control Survey

Monitoring to lashing of cargo to the vessel, container or truck.

Supervising Tallying

Weight and quantity determination; weight-bridge control, vehicle following and other measurements.

Draft Survey

A draft survey is a means of determining the weight of any materials being loaded into (or discharged from) a vessel. Depending on force of buoyancy of water principle, empty / loaded weights of the vessels are calculated with the help of stability measures on the vessels.